Unable to commit to the demands of a band yet needing an outlet to express himself, Sean Lam of Concave Scream embarked on a solo music project under the moniker Hanging Up The Moon. As hinted at by the name, the songs were recorded in the dead of the night after the day’s work was done, his daughter put to bed, and when all was finally quiet.

Self-released in 2011, Hanging Up The Moon’s debut album was a far cry from the rock roots of Concave Scream, one of Singapore’s pioneer indie bands. In the folk-acoustic tradition of singer-songwriters, the songs were simply accompanied by the guitar or ukulele, allowing Sean’s plaintive vocals and introspective lyrics to shine through. The recordings were also deliberately left lo-fi and rough around the edges, reflecting the homemade nature of the project. It is precisely this quiet honesty in both words and sound that has captivated critics and listeners alike.

Encouraged by the reception to his debut, 2013 sees the release of Hanging Up The Moon’s second album “The Biggest Lie In The World” under Kitchen. Label. While in the same vein as the first album lyrically, “The Biggest Lie In The World” explores a different soundscape with the help of good friends and respected musicians Dean Aziz (Concave Scream), Leslie Low (The Observatory) and Victor Low (Affixen) – a collaborative effort made possible by the digital, each artiste layering upon the works of one another and adding their unique touch to Sean’s original tunes.

With their 3rd album “Immaterial”, Hanging Up The Moon moves even further away from its singer-songwriter roots and continues to evolve both in sound and set-up, with Alexius Cai (Piblokto) joining the line-up. This new album is our most lush and ambitious project to date. Layers upon layers of vocals meet their match in violins and cellos at times epic and soaring, at times subtle and grounded — all set against Hanging Up The Moon’s signature melodies, riffs and rhythm.


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