Nº 19


“Mournful and yet grand is the destiny of the artist.”

Entitled “CURTAIN CALL”, the new haruka nakamura special album will be released worldwide on 20th January 2017 and for the first time on 12” LP + CD edition. First unveiled in the early spring of 2016, “CURTAIN CALL” was premiered via a NHK BS program “Gaudi’s Will – Sagrada Familia, the dream for 100 years” to a nationwide audience in Japan.
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Nº 18


“Constantly transiting and transitioning, suspended in a liminal state.”

Following 2013’s release of the album “Stranger to my room” on KITCHEN. LABEL, the Singapore-based award-winning composer sonicbrat (Darren Ng) returns with his long awaited follow-up album “MURMURATIONS”. “MURMURATIONS” depicts a quiet longing for beauty so distant one can only see with eyes closed, like a lost wayfarer set out in search of questions without answers. It is constantly transiting and transitioning, suspended in a liminal state.
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Nº 17


“Upflight of butterflies following a light, that wants to conquer, to swallow, to distant, to echo.”

Following 2010’s release of the Kitchen. Label classic “sketch”, ironomi returns with their long awaited seventh album, a 3 CD 164 minutes collection entitled ‘niji’ (English Translation: Rainbow). Joining pianist Junya Yanagidaira and programmer Yu Isobe are a stellar line-up of their most loved collaborators and contemporaries. In ‘niji’, the record is marked by the same tranquility and fleetingness of their sound but also offers a slight departure from the traditions of ironomi’s previous recordings with the addition of other instruments (Saxophone, Contrabass, Koto, Violins etc) contributed by the guest musicians on each of the 12 tracks. — Read more

Nº 16


“There’s no room for a reason when we give in to hate. All the noise and the voices will only cease in decay.”

With “Immaterial”, Hanging Up The Moon moves even further away from its singer-songwriter roots and continues to evolve both in sound and set-up, with Alexius Cai (Piblokto) joining the line-up. This new album is our most lush and ambitious project to date. Layers upon layers of vocals meet their match in violins and cellos at times epic and soaring, at times subtle and grounded — all set against Hanging Up The Moon’s signature melodies, riffs and rhythm. — Read more

Nº 15


“Shadows surrounding, this lucid veil that will not conceal.”

‘Taking the Veil’ is the debut solo album on Kitchen. Label by Berlin-based musician Hior Chronik. Originally from Athens, the new album is a follow-up to his previous work on the label as the duo Pill-Oh in ‘Vanishing Mirror’. The established foundation are intact on ‘Taking the Veil’: the bitterly romantic strings and gentle electronics whisper melting over plaintive piano scores. Hior Chronik has a penchant of producing subtly immense and cinematic compositions which are remarkably chilling in its beauty.. — Read more

Nº 14


“Dead of winter, a hidden chapel, silent prayers echoing.”

We first introduced haruka nakamura’s first full-length piano-based album ‘twilight’ in 2010. The studio-recorded album was extolled and acclaimed by fans and critics alike in Japan. Building on the strengths and success of its predecessor, haruka nakamura returns with his brand new 4th album, a 2 CD 106 minutes collection entitled ‘Ongaku no Aru Fuukei’. Recorded at concert hall ‘sonorium’ in Tokyo, the album features the ensemble line-up of ARAKI Shin (saxophone, flute), Akira Uchida (saxophone), Rie Nemoto (violin) and isao saito (drums). — Read more



“I went mourning without the sun; I am a companion to owls.”

Originally released in 2011, ASPIDISTRAFLY 2nd album A LITTLE FABLE is now reissued in a newly packaged CD edition with a special inclusion of 2 bonus download tracks recorded live in Tokyo featuring guests haruka nakamura, Janis Crunch and Junya Yanagidira (ironomi). — Read more



“12 songs for the peaceful winters of the world, and 1 song for your soul”

Originally released in 2011, Janis Crunch & haruka nakamura collaboration album “12 & 1 SONG” is now reissued in a newly packaged CD edition with a special inclusion of 5 bonus download tracks. — Read more



“From the car window, view of streetlamps from atop the hill, like the lighthouse keeper feeding the bonfire with firewood.”

Originally released in 2010, haruka nakamura’s second solo album “twilight” has established him as one of the most vital and successful independent artist in Japan. Three years since the original release, “twilight” is now reissued in a newly packaged CD edition with a special inclusion of 3 bonus download tracks. — Read more

Nº 13


“Temporary signatures of time sweep across the house. They shift and morph across the day, creeping slowly, almost still.”

“Stranger to my room”, Darren’s latest and debut release on Kitchen. Label, is a beautifully crafted album of 11 instrumental tracks consisting of solo piano and pure acoustic recordings. Recorded entirely in his own house where he has been living alone for the past 8 years, “Stranger to my room” is an album exploring the personal relationship of time, space and being, reflecting upon a familiar yet alienating loneliness.— Read more

Nº 12


“Landscapes rushing by as boundaries disappear. Soon a whole new world awaits you the stranger. Will the strange be familiar?”

Unable to commit to the demands of a band yet needing an outlet to express himself, Sean Lam of Concave Scream, one of Singapore’s pioneer indie bands, embarked on a solo music project under the moniker Hanging Up The Moon. As hinted at by the name, the songs were recorded in the dead of the night after the day’s work was done, his daughter put to bed, and when all was finally quiet. — Read more

Nº 11


“12th December 2010, Oldest sound, broken piano key….”

“From Scattered Accidents” centers around the themes of imperfection and fleeting phenomena. Recording began in the Winter of 2010, and the album chronologically documents Szymon Kaliski’s creative process over a year. Preferring to pick up anomalies in his recordings which arose from the process of constructing his acoustic loops or curated set of found sounds, a single key on a broken piano with its patina and wear was picked up as one of the few working materials. The young artist then meticulously crafted a world around it and allowed accidental collisions to occur till the arrangement seemed to quiver naturally on its own. This study of flawed beauty and quietude echoes the distinctly Japanese pantheon of Wabi-Sabi. — Read more

Nº 10


“I just allow the splendor of the day to absorb the darkness. My own light doesn’t last for long.”

A surface reflecting beauty through light. The eyes of someone reflecting your own inner soul. Images of a reality that exists only in wishes and dreams. We find ourselves when gazing into “mirrors”, but we lose ourselves if we gaze too much. Originally from Athens, Greece, electronic artist Hior Chronik (presently based in Berlin, Germany) and classical pianist-composer Zinovia Arvanitidi have crystallized a representation of time and memory, where dreams and delicate hauntings from the past merge with the present. “Vanishing Mirror” is their debut album as Pill-Oh, embodying 13 mesmerizing tracks of filmic romanticism and compelling detail. — Read more

Nº 9


“Losing the absurd, a beautiful haze, the sun and moon as usual, fluctuating into madness”

Electronic trio Evade have been honing their repertoire of sounds crafted from within their immediate surroundings of the urban pastoral landscapes of former Portugese colony, Macau. In this much anticipated full-length album entitled “Destroy & Dream”, Evade takes on the view of a distant observer, questioning life, the earth, the universe and the values of its living creatures, yet with the consolation of dreams, seclusion and shelter. Also featuring remixes by Serph, FJORDNE and Okamotonoriaki. — Read more

Nº 8


“12 songs for the peaceful winters of the world, and 1 song for your soul”

Kitchen. Label is proud to present “12 & 1 song”, a collaboration album between haruka nakamura and long-time musical partner Janis Crunch. On a wintery night in 2007, the duo were in the process of a candle-lit recording session for haruka nakamura’s solo album “grace”. Instinctively, they decided to venture off the album recording and to compose a Christmas carol of their own. The track was christened “12 & 1 song” and then published online on a time-limited basis during the Christmas season. The spontaneous sessions spawned a couple more winter-themed compositions. Even as the two went separate ways on to work on individual projects, their creative bond sustained this year-end tradition till a substantial collection of winter-themed songs, recorded between 2007-2011, was borne. — Read more

Nº 7


“I went mourning without the sun; I am a companion to owls.”

In the autumn/winter of 2010, Singapore-based April Lee and Ricks Ang of ASPIDISTRAFLY (also founders of Kitchen. Label) embarked on the recording of their second album A LITTLE FABLE in Japan in collaboration with several artists. Fascinated by the patina of time and themes of
folklore, A LITTLE FABLE narrates a surrealist procession of tales, twelve compositions simmering one into the other lyrically and picturesquely. This album sees the duo returning to a warm, organic palette of closely-whispered vocals, fingerpicked guitar, string arrangements and their trademark texture-focused arrangements. Featuring guest collaborators Kyo Ichinose, Seigen Tokuzawa, haruka nakamura, Junya Yanagidaira (ironomi), honagayoko, Akira Kosemura, Janis Crunch and more. — Read more

Nº 6


“The reason never lies in oneself. The others do. Its just a matter of reception, not emission.”

Following 2009’s critically acclaimed ‘The Setting Sun”, FJORDNE (aka Shunichiro Fujimoto) releases his second album on Kitchen. Label entitled “Charles Rendition”. The lyricism of that earlier album and stories of tragedy and social decline are intact, but further explored. “Charles Rendition” is an introspective piano study through a child’s eyes set in a self-penned short story, inspired by Charles Dickens’ 1861 novel “Great Expectations” – a morality tale of a forest boy and girl struggling to accept and adjust to the decadence of society in a mysterious, timeless era. “Charles Rendition” takes its cues from the antique patina of time, with traces of a lingering past that continue to intrude onto the present. — Read more

Nº 5


“On a summer’s day, there was an artist sketching the chorus of insects, sketching them using his sense of hearing, adding various colors to a white canvas…”

ironomi’s delicate field recordings capture the tangible atmosphere of a specific time and place. “sketch” is a live improvisation recorded in the summer of 2007 in a very old wooden house atop a hill in Mashiko, a town in Japan’s Tochigi prefecture known for its close association with some of the country’s leading ceramic artists and pioneers of the mingei (folk art and craft) movement, such as Shoji Hamada. By straddling both ambient classical music and documentary recording, ironomi created a “folk craft” album of their own – a pastoral reverie inspired by Mashiko’s shaded bowers and fitting dragonflies. — Read more

Nº 4


“From the car window, view of streetlamps from atop the hill, like the lighthouse keeper feeding the bonfire with firewood.”

An emerging talent on the Japanese ambient/electro-acoustic music scene, haruka nakamura’s second solo outing refines the lyrical, pastoral imagery that inspired his first album “grace”. Recorded in a studio overlooking the ocean as a tribute to the sight of the expiring sun falling slowly over the horizon at dusk, “twilight” is a sustained reverie that mirrors the dwindling rays of light at day’s end with its subtle variations in timbre and texture. — Read more

Nº 3


“Be noble, always have pride, wait and you shall see the setting sun.”

FJORDNE’s new album from Kitchen. Label is inspired by the evocative descriptions of simple things in Dazai Osamu’s novel of the same name (Shayo), a story of an aristocratic family in decline and the moral lapses of its members. Sidestepping the novel’s content, FJORDNE recreates the introspection and pastoral lyricism of Dazai’s language into poignant chapters of musicial eloquence. — Read more

Nº 2


“Ethereal froth scudding across the sky. The sunset cleanses today, leaving it glowing. Shining water, silent waves.”

“i hold a wish for you” is aspidistrafly’s anticipated first full album. Drawing references to Banana Yoshimoto’s literary classic “Moonlight Shadow”, aspidistrafly weaves through the solitary atmosphere of the novel with their own narratives inspired by several excursions outside the confines of their immediate surroundings. This latest release invokes delicate moments with nine tracks that combine acoustic instrumentation across April’s warm vocal harmonies, soft floating textures and binaural field recordings. — Read more