“The reason never lies in oneself. The others do. Its just a matter of reception, not emission.”

Following 2009’s critically acclaimed ‘The Setting Sun”, FJORDNE (aka Shunichiro Fujimoto) releases his second album on Kitchen. Label entitled “Charles Rendition”. The lyricism of that earlier album and stories of tragedy and social decline are intact, but further explored. “Charles Rendition” is an introspective piano study through a child’s eyes set in a self-penned short story, inspired by Charles Dickens’ 1861 novel “Great Expectations” – a morality tale of a forest boy and girl struggling to accept and adjust to the decadence of society in a mysterious, timeless era. “Charles Rendition” takes its cues from the antique patina of time, with traces of a lingering past that continue to intrude onto the present.

The opening sets the tone for the album – texture-focused piano jazz unfolding against the twist of a field of subtle electronics. On “Gathering”, the metronomic tick-tock of an ancient grandfather clock peters out as the muted horn section and bright attack of a piano refrain slowly kick in at an easy, handsome pace, like a gentleman stroller of the city street. The jazz haze continues on the following track, “awakening”, where FJORDNE showcases, among other tracks like “forfeiture” and “Ald square”, a stunning and newfound freewheeling approach to his craft that is more groove-based, as it wraps itself around a loose, roving beat, the rustle of an errant saxophone and the suspended quiver of sound assemblages extracted from old records.

The more pensive piano outings like “constellation”, “Ebenze” and “antidotal”, which seem to channel the languid decadence of life, are the result of the influence that pianists such as Bobo Stenson, Marc Copland and Paul Bley had on FJORDNE. The piano tracks are then fractured and enhanced sonically with his trademark bristling echoes and dissonant effects, along with a plaintive string section. Elsewhere, on “hope”, a twinkling, whispery interlude ends with a spirited free jazz flourish, evoking the wan light leaking from smoky bars as patrons slink out the door and emerge into the steely glint of radiant surfaces under the city’s neon, moonlight, and streetlamps.

“Charles Rendition” is available on CD and digital formats on 15th July 2011. The physical CD copy comes in a customized 7-inch LP-sized paper edition, professionally offset printed and made with a careful selection of materials and processes – Letter-pressed and individually numbered 300gsm premium matt cardboard folio; and loose newsprint broadsheet fold-outs that include FJORDNE’s self-penned short story accompanied with visual reflections and ambiguities. Limited to an edition of 700 copies only. 

Based in Tokyo, FJORDNE is the solo project of Fujimoto Shunichiro (b.1980). Focused on two concepts, “sound texture” and “twisted time”, he utilises an array of acoustic instruments and transforms his sounds into a new time span using the laptop computer. Within a year in 2008, FJORDNE released 3 albums  ”UNMOVING” (u-cover, Belgium), “The Last 3 Days of Time” (Dynamophone Records, USA) and “Stories apart from the world” (Ryoondo Tea, Japan), This was followed by another EP “light passes on through a layer” (SEM label, France) before his fourth album “The Setting Sun” (Kitchen. Label) was released in August 2009. — Read more

    CD / Digital
    Jazz, Electronic, Ambient
    16.8 x 16.8 x 0.6cm
    Offset printed, 300gsm premium matt cover and inner folio, 2 x 3 fold 70gsm newsprint broadsheet. Letter-pressed. Individually numbered.
    July 15 2011

  • 01   propheteia
  • 02   Gathering
  • 03   awakening
  • 04   constellation
  • 05   forfeiture
  • 06   hope
  • 07   Ald square
  • 08   Ebenze
  • 09   antidotal
  • 10   hazel

  • “Album of the week”
    — Fluid Radio, UK 
  • “Album of the week”
    — Experimedia, USA 
  • ‎”An album worthy of another end of year acclaim!”
    — Headphone Commute, USA 
  • “This venture is an enormous left turn for Shunichiro Fujimoto, and could have been commercial suicide, but instead it’s brilliant. 8/10″
    — The Silent Ballet, USA 
  • “‎For lovers of wistful jazzy electronica with a unique, progressive edge. Nice 6″ square package with intriguing inserts especially, as always from this lovingly run boutique imprint.” 4/5. Recommendation and best seller of the week.
    — Norman Records, UK 
  • “‎Un percorso, dicevamo, che vede come unico fautore il nome di Shunichiro Fujimoto, musicista che ora più che mai si ritaglia un posto di assoluto rilievo nel panorama classico contemporaneo, quello in combutta con l’elettronica ovviamente. 9/10.”
    — Electronique, Italy 
  • “‎‘60s-styled piano trio jazz…reminiscent of figures such as Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett. There’s generally a level of care and commitment to craft that sets Kitchen. releases apart from the competition, and this FJORDNE release is no exception.”
    — Textura, Canada 
  • “‎‘This imminently rich style-and-sound pastiche is why the genre category “Misc.” was introduced.”
    — World Magazine, USA 
  • “‎‘Fujimoto could easily have played safe on his fifth full-length as Fjordne, but opted to make use of the freedom he considers essential to come up with something that suddenly casts his entire oeuvre in a different and even more intriguing light. And isn’t that just what jazz has always been about in the first place”
    — Tokafi, Germany 
  • “‎‘Tout l’art du Japonais Shunichiro Fujimoto découle d’une étude attentive de l’acoustique et de ses errances mélancoliques, sur ce qui apparait pas à pas comme une histoire sans âge.”
    — Autres Directions, France