ASPIDISTRAFLY, a Singaporean musical duo formed in 2001 by April Lee and producer Ricks Ang, melds ambient folk with musique concrète-inspired sound assemblages. April Lee’s smoky, low alto vocals and artistic direction bring her lyrical storytelling to life.

Initially known in Singapore’s independent experimental scene, their foray into Japan commenced in 2007 with a collaboration with media artist Daito Manabe on Drift Net. Their debut album, i hold a wish for you (2008), marked the start of their Japanese endeavors, yielding collaborations with artists like Kyo Ichinose, Akira Kosemura, and, notably, haruka nakamura. Their 2nd album, A Little Fable (2011), became a cult classic, influencing the Cottagecore aesthetic with viral tracks like Landscape With A Fairy.

Over the past decade, they have shared stages with artists like Ichiko Aoba and collaborated with fashion publications and brands such as Gucci, Roger Vivier, LAD MUSICIAN, and NARS.

In 2022, they returned with Altar of Dreams, with The Voice of Flowers lauded as NPR’s Song of the Day. The album retains their poetic lyricism, lush strings and surrealistic textures while incorporating ’80s to ‘90s-era anime and TV samples. It also includes a collaboration with experimental artiste SUGAI KEN.

Outside of music, April Lee is a Creative Director, and Ricks Ang is the founder of KITCHEN. LABEL.