haruka nakamura announces new special album ‘CURTAIN CALL’

The new haruka nakamura special album “CURTAIN CALL” will be released worldwide on 20th January 2017 and for the first time on 12” LP + CD edition. First unveiled in the early spring of 2016, “CURTAIN CALL” was premiered via a NHK BS program “Gaudi’s Will – Sagrada Familia, the dream for 100 years” to a nationwide audience in Japan.

The title track “CURTAIN CALL” was recorded with the haruka nakamura PIANO ENSEMBLE formation – the same lineup from his last album “Ongaku No Aru Fuukei’ which consists of ARAKI Shin (Sax), Akira Uchida (Sax), Rie Nemoto (Violins) and Isao Saito (Drums). In addition, the recording features the angelic lead vocals of 14 year old prodigy Urara, who was discovered by haruka nakamura during his time as a producer for acclaimed Japanese artist Miu Sakamoto. Urara possesses a remarkable voice in the purest form, an instrument that expresses a range of fragile vocal textures and emotional shadings rare for her young age. The ensemble is also joined by 9-piece female choir CANTUS together with new members Norimasa Sakanoshita (Guitar) and Ami Misawa (Cello).

“CURTAIN CALL” looks back at a far-off past and long-lost landscapes; an elegiac mood showing the human spirit a sense of renewal which has displaced sorrow. In the quietest passage of the movement, the melodies sung by Urara are the spiritual heart of the work. Consciously exercising restraint, haruka nakamura uses only a handful of musical elements (acoustic guitar, solo piano, sampling and horn arrangement by ARAKI Shin) in each subsequent rendition of the main track to allow the spotlight to shine on the melody. “CURTAIN CALL” is a journey, a transition and a continuity in sound in haruka nakamura’s rich and sonorous world.

This record is mixed and mastered by Gen Tanabe of renowned Japanese band WATER WATER CAMEL. “CURTAIN CALL” is available on a special LP + CD edition packaged in a customised foil stamped sleeve on premium paper. The package includes a double-sided 12 x 12 insert and a CD copy with an additional bonus track “Akuruhi”. This release is a joint release between NHK, Inpartmaint Inc. / p*dis and KITCHEN. LABEL. Edition of 200 copies only (International). Total runtime: 24 mins (LP), 28 mins (CD).

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