Meitei announces Kofū Japan Tour 2024

Announcing Meitei’s Agate ~ Kofū Tour 2024 in Japan. 5 years in the making, Meitei will present the complete live set from the Kofū trilogy, featuring the latest album, Kofū III

The tour title 「瑪瑙」denotes agate, a mineral recognised for its healing properties. Meitei articulates a personal experience, elucidating how the enigmatic essence of this stone, emerges as a symbol of resilience and recovery, offering solace in the face of complexity. It serves as a representation of Meitei’s growth over the past 5 years while creating the Kofū trilogy. 

02/23 – Toyota・VINCENT
02/24 – Osaka ・CIRCUS Osaka
02/25 – Wakayama・Ashibeya Imose Annex
03/03 – Okayama・Higashiyama Building
03/09 – Gunma・Rinkokaku
03/16 – Sapporo・PROVO
03/22 – Kumamoto ・tsukimi
03/23 – Hakata ・UNION SODA
03/24 – Beppu・TBA