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Electronic, Ambient



7 Sep 2023


Kin Leonn presents the original score for this year’s Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard selection, The Breaking Ice, directed by acclaimed Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen, who previously received the prestigious Camera d’Or at Cannes in 2013. This marks Kin Leonn’s debut as a composer for a feature film.

Set amidst the frigid expanse of Yanji, China, near the North Korean border, this cinematic journey chronicles the odyssey of a trio of outsiders. From their initial sense of unease with young adulthood, they traverse a spiritual landscape that melds seamlessly with Kin Leonn’s soundtrack, a tapestry woven with synthesizers, electronic reveries, and expansive resonance. Kin Leonn’s 37-minute ambient score beautifully mirrors the film’s delicate storytelling, encapsulating the youthful tension and shared ephemeral moments within the narrative, all conveyed through nuanced tones and subtle performances.

The Breaking Ice premiered in China on August 22 and will be released in Singapore on September 7. Audiences in the United States and other regions can anticipate the film’s release in late 2023 or early 2024. Alongside the film’s launch, the soundtrack, featuring music composed by Kin Leonn, is now available worldwide on all major digital platforms through KITCHEN. LABEL.


Directed by Anthony Chen
Produced by Meng Xie, Anthony Chen
Cast: Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, Qu Chuxiao
Cinematography by You Jing-pin
Edited by Hoping Chen, Soo Mun Thye
Music by Kin Leonn
Production Company: Canopy Pictures, Huace Pictures 


“The gentle rhythms of Hoping Chen and Soo Mun Thye’s editing and the shimmering strands of Singaporean musician Kin Leonn’s score make these loose, free-flowing episodes highly pleasurable, even as they subtly point up the fact that none of the three friends really belongs in this strange, in many ways foreign place.”

— The Hollywood Reporter

“Kin Leonn captures the feeling well in his score, which roams easily from neo-folk to expansive electronic.”

— Screen Daily

“At its most exuberant, the three members of the film’s almost love triangle sprint through a bookstore in an explicit homage to “Jules and Jim” as Kin Leonn’s lovely score twinkles over the soundtrack.”

— Indiewire



Kin Leonn

Kin Leonn is an artist, composer, and producer; Singapore’s “ambient boy”, and the youngest artist releasing music under KITCHEN. LABEL. Kin Leonn maintains a versatile presence in Singapore’s thriving underground as sonic artist, performer, DJ, and composer.…

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