For 9 years, KITCHEN. LABEL has been a vital outpost for avant-garde artists who explore the ground between various strains of ambient and neo-classical, matched with a carefully honed and distinctive aesthetics. Founded by Singapore-born Ricks Ang in 2008, the independent label has grown and extended their base in Japan where they received wide recognition for their artistic output.  

The label’s artists share an obsession with sensuous and fleeting phenomena in their music, weaving painterly sound collages into texture-focused arrangements. Despite its domesticated namesake and penchant for delicate gestures and impassive interiors, KITCHEN. LABEL (named after Banana Yoshimoto’s novel “Kitchen”) is a thoroughly metropolitan phenomenon that documents momentary flicker of melancholic beauty in unlikely environments.

2016 to 2017 saw label artist haruka nakamura staged sold-out concerts featuring his piano ensemble line-up at St Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo and Memorial Cathedral of World Peace in Hiroshima. These were two of the most prestigious shows in a span of 21 tour dates across Japan and Asia held after the success of best selling albums “twilight” and “Ongaku No Aru Fuukei”. KITCHEN. LABEL is also home to the works of Singapore’s most acclaimed artists such as ASPIDISTRAFLY, Hanging Up The Moon and sonicbrat.

“A roving eye in search of the beauty of everyday life, KITCHEN. LABEL artists mimic the play of dappled sunlight through leaves, or even a certain strain of “lost” Japan memorialized in Tanizaki’s “In Praise of Shadows,” reinterpreted for modern life.” – ArtAsiaPacific