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  • Announcing Tobias Wilden ‘A Path to Open Air II’

    Introducing ‘A Path to Open Air II,’ the evolution of Tobias Wilden’s 2013 album, ‘A Path to Open Air.’ This latest offering continues the introspective journey initiated by its predecessor, delving even deeper into Wilden’s perception of nature and music.…

  • Announcing new signing: Tobias Wilden

    Hailing from Germany, Tobias Wilden, a multi-instrumentalist, transcends traditional guitar-centric compositions, crafting impressionistic music sketches that resonate deeply with the natural world. His ambient ethos prioritizes resonance and spatial expansiveness, blending melodic allure with dissonant intrigue.

  • Postponed: Kofū Japan Tour 2024

    We regret to inform you that due to unexpected health issues, Meitei’s upcoming tour is being postponed for the next few months. His health is our top priority, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Meitei announces Kofū Japan Tour 2024

    Announcing Meitei’s Agate ~ Kofū Tour 2024 in Japan. 5 years in the making, Meitei will present the complete live set from the Kofū trilogy, featuring the latest album, Kofū III

  • Meitei unveils music video for ‘Shisei’

    Meitei shares his new video for Shisei, taken from the album Kofū III. 

  • Out Now: Meitei ‘Kofū III’

    The concluding chapter of Meitei’s Kofū trilogy, Kofū III, is officially out now on 180g LP, CD, and all major digital platforms

  • KITCHEN. LABEL mix and interview on FOND/SOUND

    KITCHEN. LABEL founder Ricks Ang returns to FOND/SOUND for a brand new mix and interview on the label’s 15th anniversary, artists and music.

  • Announcing Meitei ‘Kofū III’

    Meitei unveils the final third chapter of his transformative Kofū trilogy that began in 2020, unraveling an introspective exploration of the artist’s psyche while delving deep into the essence of Japanese culture. ‘Kofū III’ invites listeners into the innermost sanctums…

  • Meitei unveils music video for ‘Yume-jūya’

    Japan’s psyche metamorphoses into a kaleidoscope of lo-fi bliss as Meitei unveils a new video for Yume-jūya, the second single from the upcoming album Kofū III.

  • Kin Leonn releases second single ‘ghost strata’

    ghost strata, the second single from Kin Leonn’s  upcoming album mirror in the gleam, embraces a fluidity that seamlessly blends organic expressions with electronic textures, embarking on an ambient world-building journey where nature plays a pivotal role 

  • Kin Leonn in-store live at HMV RECORD SHOP SHIBUYA

    Kin Leonn unveils his latest album, mirror in the gleam, in two weeks and we’re excited to announce more events as part of his Japan promotional tour for this album this November.


    KITCHEN. LABEL is thrilled to announce live event as part of AMBIENT KYOTO, scheduled for November 19, 2023. 

  • Announcing Kin Leonn ‘mirror in the gleam’

    Kin Leonn announces his second album mirror in the gleam. Exploring a semiotic journey through sonic storytelling, it weaves enigmatic events with metaphorical emotions, crafting an empathetic folklore for our disconnected world.

  • Kin Leonn unveils music video for ‘your spectrum’

    Kin Leonn unveils the music video of your spectrum, directed by metal upa and the first single taken from the upcoming 2nd album mirror in the gleam.


    KITCHEN. LABEL is thrilled to announce its 15th-anniversary show at Shibuya WWW in Tokyo, Japan, scheduled for November 15, 2023. This event will bring together the label’s artists, presenting their distinct musical aesthetic.

  • Out Now: Meitei ‘Kwaidan’ 5th Anniversary Edition (LP)

    Meitei’s Kwaidan 180g smoke haze vinyl edition is out now.

  • Out Now: The Breaking Ice OST by Kin Leonn

    Kin Leonn composed the original score for this year’s Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard selection, “The Breaking Ice,” directed by acclaimed Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen, who previously received the prestigious Camera d’Or at Cannes in 2013. Marking the composer’s…

  • Meitei Live in Taiwan 2023

    Meitei is taking the stage in Taipei City in Taiwan for the very first time with Kwaidan on October 25th at venue.  Tickets now on sale.

  • Meitei Tour Postponement Annoucement

    We regret to inform you that, despite our best efforts, we are faced with the unfortunate necessity to postpone my upcoming North American tour due to unexpected visa processing delays.

  • Out Now: Meitei ‘Heiwa’ (Digital Single)

    Meitei’s Heiwa: A musical journey through Hiroshima’s non-verbal realm, embodying scars and peace longing, evoking the poignant tone reminiscent of the ashen atmosphere that once permeated the city. Timed with the 1945 atomic bombing anniversary, Heiwa streams on major platforms…

  • Out Now: Meitei ‘Kwaidan’ 5th Anniversary Edition (CD, Digital)

    Meitei’s Kwaidan 5th Anniversary Edition is out now on compact disc and digital. LP edition is coming to you on 8th September 2023.

  • Meitei Kwaidan Tour 2023

    Meitei has announced a string of “Kwaidan”-based shows across Japan to commemorate the fifth anniversary reissue of his seminal first album. The haunting classics of Kwaidan will be performed live for the first time in a thematic-specific show. Tickets are…

  • Meitei North America Tour 2023

    Meitei embarks on his first-ever North America tour in September and October 2023. More shows to be added soon. Tickets now on sale.

  • Announcing Meitei ‘Kwaidan’ (5th Anniversary Edition)

    Horror folklore intricately transposed into an ambient fever dream – a collaboration between Evening Chants and KITCHEN. LABEL, we are pleased to announce that the long out-of-print debut album “Kwaidan”, from Japanese artist Meitei, will be reissued as a special…

  • Out Now: ironomi ‘himorogi’ (LP Edition)

    Since their first album in 2007, ironomi’s desire to commune with mother Earth and its season’s colors has always served as a continual inspiration for their music. Now into their 10th album, the duo of Junya Yanagidaira and Yu Isobe…