Announcing Kin Leonn ‘mirror in the gleam’

Kin Leonn announces his second album mirror in the gleam. Exploring a semiotic journey through sonic storytelling, it weaves enigmatic events with metaphorical emotions, crafting an empathetic folklore for our disconnected world.

Breaking free from a fixed palette of instruments, Kin Leonn embraces a fluidity that seamlessly blends organic expressions with electronic textures throughout the album. Prioritizing mood and storytelling over technicality, he embarks on an ambient world-building journey where nature plays a pivotal role. Whether through field recordings, found sounds, or the mimicry of natural behavior through instrumentation, the album is grounded in the intimacy of the environment.

Available on LP, CD and digital formats, Kin Leonn releases mirror in the gleam on 27 October 2023 (LP edition arriving in Q4 2023) via KITCHEN. LABEL. Stephan Mattieu mastered this record at Schwebung Mastering in Germany.

Pre-order LP & CD here: