Tobias Wilden


Hailing from Bremen, Germany, Tobias Wilden is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist whose musical journey began with the acoustic guitar. Drawing inspiration from Americana, Jazz, and Brazilian classical guitar, Tobias’s early exploration laid the foundation for his distinctive sound, characterised by the use of alternate and open tunings.

Expanding beyond conventional guitar-centric compositions, Tobias blends acoustic guitar, cello, and double-bass with orchestral and electronic elements, creating impressionistic music sketches that deeply resonates with the essence of the natural world. Embracing an ambient ethos that prioritises resonance and spatial expansiveness, Tobias’s artistic vision is intimately linked with his passion for photography, reflecting the vast landscapes captured in his visual works. Oscillating between melodic allure and dissonant intrigue, his style eludes categorisation, marked by intricate technicality juxtaposed with a gentle, inviting demeanor.

With an extensive discography comprising 11 original albums, Tobias Wilden is set to release his first album on KITCHEN. LABEL in May 2024. Today, Tobias unveils the lead single “Beneath the Stones” from his upcoming release, titled “A Path to Open Air II.” This album serves as a spiritual successor to his most prominent work “A Path to Open Air,” released back in 2013, promising to take listeners on a voyage of introspection through meticulously crafted harmonic landscapes.