Kin Leonn ‘mirror in the gleam’ – Live Audiovisual Performance

A re-imagination of nature in hyperreality, merging serene soundscapes with the heightened experience of modern existence. Immerse yourself in an evening with ambient producer Kin Leonn as he breathes life into his latest album ‘mirror in the gleam’ through a live audiovisual performance at T:>Works’ 72-13 for the first time in Singapore.

Hailed as Singapore’s ‘ambient boy’,  Kin Leonn deftly built a sound world that deviates from the tranquil vistas of Brian Eno’s ‘Music for Airports.’ Rather than adhering to conventional ambient paradigms, Leonn intricately encapsulates his own distinctive essence, serving as a resonant voice for the evolving artistic narratives of Singaporean youth.

Skillfully extracting richness from diverse source materials — ranging from field recordings to synths and sequencers — ‘mirror in the gleam’ attests to Kin Leonn’s innate ability to strike a harmonious balance between ambient, electronic synthesis, and contemporary piano pieces. The seamless fusion invites comparisons to the pioneering work of Ryuichi Sakamoto, with music critic Shawn Reynaldo characterizing it as “a woozy gem that sounds like something Ryuichi Sakamoto might have come up with if he’d been tapped for the Lost in Translation soundtrack.”

Reflecting on his journey through the creation of ‘mirror in the gleam’, Kin Leonn has ventured into collaborations, including a remix for Moderat alongside yeule, and extensive co-production work on yeule’s ‘softcars’ album. Transitioning into the realm of film scoring, he achieved a milestone as the composer for acclaimed Singaporean director Anthony Chen’s ‘The Breaking Ice’ showcased at the Cannes Film Festival, earning accolades from Indiewire for his “lovely twinkling” contribution to the soundtrack.

Following the release of his album ‘mirror in the gleam’ via KITCHEN. LABEL in October 2023, Kin Leonn had a successful release tour in Japan, performed at AMBIENT KYOTO, and graced the stages of Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand, in addition to opening for Explosions in the Sky in his home country of Singapore.

Tickets will be on sale on 23 May 2024 at 6pm via Eventbrite.


Kin Leonn ‘mirror in the gleam’ – Live Audiovisual Performance

Date: 22 June 2024
Time:7:30pm (Open), 8:00pm (Start)
Venue:T:>Works, 72-13
Price:SGD45 (Excluding booking fee)
Limited Capacity
No tickets at the door


Live: Kin Leonn
Prepared Visual: Kin Leonn & Raphael Ong
Installation Work: Sean Gwee


With support from KITCHEN. LABEL

Tickets on sale at Eventbrite (Starting from 6:00pm on 23 May,2024)

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