Out Now: Meitei ‘Heiwa’ (Digital Single)

Meitei’s Heiwa: A musical journey through Hiroshima’s non-verbal realm, embodying scars and peace longing, evoking the poignant tone reminiscent of the ashen atmosphere that once permeated the city. Timed with the 1945 atomic bombing anniversary, Heiwa streams on major platforms 6 August 2023, the first cut from the upcoming new album Kofū III, releasing Autumn 2023 via KITCHEN. LABEL.


“This piece is a honest musical expression of the emotions I experienced during my peace education as a boy in Hiroshima, where I grew up.

On August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb devastated Hiroshima. Through music, I aim to transcend linguistic symbolism and logic, capturing my essential feelings and impressions of Hiroshima in the non-verbal realm.

My goal is to convey the sensory value of unspoken feelings and objects, delving into the inner world of human senses. With historical awareness and personal interpretation, I hope to powerfully communicate my yearning for peace.”

— Meitei, 2023

Stream: https://lnk.to:heiwa_