Meitei unveils music video for ‘Saryō’

Meitei unveils the music video of ‘Saryō’, taken from the 4th album ‘Kofū II’.

Described by the artist himself as a ‘private spiritual microcosm’, the music film is Meitei’s first video and is directed by Yuri Nanasaki with cinematography by Kanoco Shibazaki. The track ‘Saryō’ induces stillness in its repetition, with each synth note a brushstroke. It was inspired by a Sengoku-era tea house he once visited, designed by national icon Sen no Rikyū. Meitei tied it to the reaction he felt while pouring over the ink paintings in his grandmother’s house. “The decayed earthen walls and faded tatami mats gave me an emotional impression,” he says. “And the cosmic flow of time drifting in the small room. I decided to put my impression of this into music.”

The album ‘Kofū II’ will be released on LP, CD and digital format on 10 December (LP ships around 28 January 2022).

Saryō MV by Meitei

Produced by Meitei
Director: Yuri Nanasaki
Director of Cinematography: Kanoco Shibasaki
Composed & Arranged by Meitei
Mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama
Executive Producer: Ricks Ang

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