New Mix: Imaginary Regions with Ricks Ang EP02

Mix series ‘Imaginary Regions’ with Ricks Ang returns tonight at 8pm SGT on Singapore Community Radio. ‘Imaginary Regions’ re-visions the 1980s and the concept of healing through music with the new episode ‘New Age Stories 1980-1989’.

Introducing a new world of experience through cassette tapes for relaxation, health and enjoyment. As Auerbach said , “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

❏ New Age Stories 1980 – 1989 ❏

Nature Recordings – Thunderstorm (Thunderstorm, Nature Recordings 1986)
Steven Halpern – Crystal Suite (Crystal Suite – Meditation and Attunement Music, Halpern Sounds 1986)
Max Highstein – Stars (The Healer’s Touch, Serenity 1986)
Don Harriss – Elevations (Elevations, Sonic Atmosphere 1987)
Emmett E.Miller / Steven Halpern – A Trip to the Beach (Letting Go of Stress, Source Inc. 1980)
Mark Isham – On the Threshold of Liberty (Vapor Drawings, Windham Hill 1984)
Peter Seiler – Serengeti (Flying Frames, Innovative Communication 1986)
Deuter – Cicada (Cicada, Kuckuck 1982)
Alap Jetzer – Victory (Boundless, Blue Flame Records 1986)
Carlos Nakai – Cleft in the Sky (Canyon Trilogy, Canyon Records 1989)
Sounds of Nature – Desert Winds (Desert Winds, Silver Bells Music 1988)
L’Esprit – Trust (Far Journey, Serenity 1986)
David Lanz – Leaves on the Seine (Nightfall, Narada Lotus 1985)

➤ 22 April 2021
➤ 8pm SGT / 12pm GMT