New Mix: Imaginary Regions with Ricks Ang

New mix series ‘Imaginary Regions’ with Ricks Ang debuts tonight at 10pm SGT on Singapore Community Radio.

Imaginary Regions is a one hour session through new age, ambient, environmental and relaxation records, cassette tapes and early days compact discs. This episode ‘Fourth World SBC’ features music channelled and shazamed from BGM used in SBC’s (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) late ‘80s to early ‘90s Chinese fantasy and dramatic TV series including Mystery (迷离夜), Romance of the Season (恋曲 1991), The Magnate (叱咤风云) and many more. Put together by KITCHEN. LABEL head honcho Ricks Ang, most record finds were unearthed from the vaults of the legendary Red Point Records who had previously acquired the albums in job lots from defunct radio libraries in Singapore.

❏ Tracklist ❏
Dolphin Voices – Stairway (Moonstone, New World Company 1988)
Under Northern Lights – Keiko Matsui (Under Northern Lights, MCA 1989)
Turning of the Tide – L’Espirit (Far Journey, Serenity 1990)
Chaconne – Toshifumi Hinata (Sarah’s Crime, Alfa Records 1985)
Inner Garden – Robert Haig Coxon Jr (Crystal New Age Stories, Intermede Communications 1991)
Bellissima – Atmosphere (Crystal Emotion, Innovation Communication 1990)
Chakra 4 – Mannheim Steamroller (Fresh Aire 7, American Gramaphone 1990)
Phases of the Three Moons – Andreas Vollenweider (White Winds, CBS 1984)
First Dream of Winter – Scott Fitzgerald & Richard Hopper (Dreamland, Nature Recordings 1991)
The Enchanted Garden – Ariel Kalma (Serenity, Nightingale Records 1988)
Celestial Banquet – David Mingyue Liang (Dream of the Butterfly, Tao 1988)
Wave – Chen Shyh Shing (Emptiness, Rock Records 1988)
Fly like a Bird – Ken Davis (Atmospheres, Inspired Records 1991)

➤ 03 March 2021
➤ 10pm SGT / 2pm GMT