Out Now: Janis Crunch & haruka nakamura ’12 & 1 SONG’ (Remastered LP Edition)

Originally released in 2011, Janis Crunch and haruka nakamura’s 12 & 1 SONG is out now on vinyl for the very first time.

12 & 1 SONG is the debut collaboration album by Janis Crunch and haruka nakamura. A treasury of 13 compositions themed with hazy childhood memories and the phenomena of the winter solstice, at times tender and pure, yet at others, imbued with a sense of humanity and world-weariness, glow with the warmth of a log fire.

Remastered by Gen Tanabe in Japan, the album is pressed on vinyl for the first time and presented with artwork faithful to the design on the original first press edition. The package is accompanied with a digital download card containing six bonus tracks recorded during the original sessions.

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