Out Now: ironomi ‘himorogi’

ironomi dropped their new album ‘himorogi’, the awaited follow-up to 2019’s ‘kotonoha’ and their tenth album in all. Out now on digital and CD (Vinyl will be shipping in April 2023).

himorogi is the tenth album by ironomi. Divining Japanese mythology and its relationship with nature, the new album is an aural pastorale that fosters deeper territory in the realm of spiritual searching through dreamy, drifting piano, 17-string koto (jūshichi-gensō) and new form electronic processing.

Junya Yanagidaira’s sublime, elegant phrasing of subtle polyphony and melodic piano lines fall like rain through a picturesque blue horizon over calming koto sways by multi-instrumentalist Yu Isobe. The lightest touch of koto strings seems to hover and balance the murmur of a garden stream. It beckons you closer as the gentle caress of the music awakens your inner senses. himorogi will remain timeless; the duo created music that absconded with time and place with their endless visions of beauty.

Available now on all digital platforms and CD: