Out Now: Meitei’s ‘Kofū II’ (CD, Digital)

The 4th album Kofū II by Meitei is out now on compact disc and digital. LP edition is coming to you on 28 Jan 2022.

In Kofū II, Meitei has his biggest reckoning with the Japanese identity. Bursting with spectral vignettes of wandering samurais, red lanterns, ninjas, puppet theatres, poets, and a vengeful assassin; Kofū II is not a leftover album, nor is it a straightforward companion piece. Over the years, he has attempted to peel back what he believes has defined Japan and its people. After seeking answers with three full-length albums, his fourth poses even more questions.

Kofū II will also be released on 180g LP which is expected to land January 28, 2022 via KITCHEN. LABEL. Both LP and CD format are presented in a debossed sleeve with obi strip and include a 16-page insert with words in Japanese and English from Meitei, printed on premium paper stock with design by KITCHEN. LABEL founder Ricks Ang, and is mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama in Tokyo, Japan.

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