Nº 8 12 & 1 SONG – Janis Crunch & haruka nakamura

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  • ►    Winter Story of Henry
  • ►    foret
  • ►    nuit
  • ►    My Witch Song
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  • ►    カノン
  • ►    東の空
  • ►    forche
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  • ►    12 & 1 song

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Ambient, Choral


195 x 135 x 9mm, glass-mastered CD housed in customized art box, 4 large-sized art poster, 6 page lyrics foldout, offset printed, full color on premium art paper

15 Dec 2011

Reissue: 4000
First Press: 3000

“12 songs for the peaceful winters of the world, and 1 song for your soul.”

Originally released in 2011, Janis Crunch & haruka nakamura’s collaboration album “12 & 1 SONG” is now reissued in a newly packaged CD edition with a special inclusion of 5 bonus download tracks.

On a wintery night in 2007, the duo were in the process of a candle-lit recording session for haruka nakamura’s solo album “grace”. Instinctively, they decided to venture off the album recording and to compose a Christmas carol of their own. The track was christened “12 & 1 song” and then published online on a time-limited basis during the Christmas season. The spontaneous sessions spawned a few more winter-themed compositions and quickly became favourites among fans of both haruka nakamura and Janis Crunch.

Even as the two ventured apart on other projects, their creative bond sustained this year-end tradition till a substantial collection of winter-themed songs, recorded between 2007-2011, was borne.

Janis Crunch’s warm, sonorous vocals ring bright and true above haruka nakamura’s placid classical guitar and soundscape arrangements. The former reveals the heart of her compositional skills of her primary instrument, in particular her solo piano performances on “SOLITUDE” and “Reqiuem”. “12 & 1 song”, “nuit” and “prayer” promptly bring to mind the classic sound of haruka nakamura’s “grace” album. ARAKI Shin, who has been featured prominently on haruka nakamura 2nd album “twilight”, collaborates with the flute on “insincere love”. A treasury of 13 compositions themed with hazy childhood memories and the phenomena of the winter solstice, at times tender and childlike, yet at others, imbued with a sense of humanity and world-weariness, glow with the warmth of a log fire. “12 & 1 song” also sees haruka nakamura in his first production outing, and is mastered by Keith Kenniff (Helios, Goldmund).



— 雨と休日, Japan

“Its heartfelt tone is established immediately by Crunch’s solo piano piece “Solitude,” which exudes a classical character that’s equally stately and forlorn. The piano settings are typically elegant classical miniatures of melancholy and wistful character, whether it be the slow waltz “Foret” or “Requiem,” in which Crunch pays homage to Ravel.”

— Textura, Canada



Janis Crunch

Born in Kumamoto, Japan, Janis Crunch is a singer, composer and classically trained pianist. She graduated from a Tokyo music university.…

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