Evade is an electronic trio from Macau, formed by Sonia Ka Ian Lao (Vocals), Brandon L (Guitar), and Faye Choi (Sound).

Formed in the summer of 2004, the trio released their first EP “Evade” in September 2009 under Macau’s independent music label 4daz-le Record and attracted critical notice for their inventive and original style of electronic music, described by some as a wayward blend of minimalist electronic and post-dubstep combined with an ethereal pop sensibility.

In June 2012, Evade released its first full-length album under KITCHEN. LABEL.

In August 2010, Evade was invited by Japanese independent music label PROGRESSIVE FOrM to perform at their curated event “New Sounds of Tokyo Vol.6″ and in 2012 they played their first major music festival at One Day Camp in Osaka, Japan. Evade has also toured Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore.