Music project “Pill-Oh” was born in 2009 in Athens, Greece. With a contemplative approach, electronic artist Hior Chronik and accomplished classical pianist Zinovia Arvanitidi immersed themselves into a cocoon of hazy childhood memories and nostalgia, contemplating the link between “image” and “reflection”. Piano, vocals and abstract electronic elements brough forth an offspring of compositions where modern classical and electronic collided.

Pill-oh’s only album “Vanishing Mirror” was released on KITCHEN. LABEL in 2012, embodying 13 mesmerising tracks of filmic romanticism, with French photographer Aëla Labbé accompanying on visuals.

Parallel to the music in her visual storytelling, Aëla’s ethereal images are rusted with burnished hues of childhood that probe deep into the consciousness yet shimmer with a child-like nostalgia.



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