Introducing Singaporean composer and producer Kin Leonn on KITCHEN. LABEL

We are very excited to introduce Singaporean composer and producer Kin Leonn as the newest addition to the KITCHEN. LABEL family, better known as the founding member of the electronic group ‘midst’.

Layering a hybrid of textural synthesis and organic compositions, Kin Leonn’s compositions are often borne from the piano but continue to evolve into a non-linear interplay of synthesizers, guitar drones and techno excursions. The artist leads the listener into a voyage of cosmically-detailed environments and redemptive emotional peaks, ranging from ambient bliss to beat-music odyssey.

Kin Leonn will play at Baybeats Festival 2018 on August 17th at the Chillout Stage (Esplanade Concourse) at 6:30pm and 8:00pm. Further details about his debut solo release to be announced soon.

Photo by Christopher Sim

More about Kin Leonn here: