Kin Leonn


Singapore-born and currently London-based, composer and producer Kin Leonn joins KITCHEN. LABEL with an upcoming release of his debut album expected this year.

Kin Leonn first emerged in Singapore’s indie scene as a founding member of electronic act ‘midstʼ, who released their 2016 debut EP and built an immediate legacy in the city’s thriving electronic underground. Kin Leonn’s production techniques for midst have been described as “a constant state of evolution, introducing different sounds, techniques, and possibilities without ever compromising on composition or atmosphere”. In many ways, he continues these artistic maneuvers in his personal and creative transition/transformation.

Layering a hybrid of textural synthesis and organic compositions, Kin Leonn’s compositions are often borne from the piano, but continue to evolve into a non-linear interplay of synthesizers, guitar drones and techno excursions. The artist leads the listener into a voyage of cosmically-detailed environments and redemptive emotional peaks, ranging from ambient bliss to beat-music odyssey.