Kin Leonn


Kin Leonn is an artist, composer, and producer; Singapore’s ambient boy and the youngest artist releasing music under KITCHEN. LABEL. Kin Leonn maintains a versatile presence in Singapore’s thriving underground as a sonic artist, performer, DJ, and composer. 

His solo endeavors began with his first full-length album, Commune (2018), which has led him to perform at numerous sold-out shows both in Singapore and London, collaborating with artists like Venezuelan ambient pioneer Miguel Noya and Japanese sound artist Hiroshi Ebina, with whom he released the EP Faraway Vicinity in 2020. As an electronic producer and mix engineer, he has various collaborations with Yeule, also featuring in remixes for Moderat and Yunè Pinku.

A first-class graduate of the London College of Music and a 2021 recipient of the Spike Stent award, he has designed numerous multi-channel sonic installations – notably for Singapore’s ArtScience Museum, London’s Architectural Association, and On Earth, As It Is In Water – his month-long immersive installation with Sean Gwee. His score for the documentary Baby Queen was screened at the Singapore International Film Festival, and his first feature film soundtrack for The Breaking Ice, directed by Anthony Chen, premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

In 2022, Kin Leonn was commissioned to design two hour-long ambient compositions for a floatation tank in collaboration with Palm Avenue Float Club. He is also a frequent resident at Altered States, conducting meditative sets under Sonic Worlds.