ironomi (also known as いろのみ in Japan) is an ambient classical duo consisting of pianist Junya Yanagidaira and Yu Isobe on guitar & laptop. iro-no-mi literally means “fruit of color”, a meaning unique in Japanese to describe the quintessential Japanese aesthetic centered on the four seasons.

With a background of study in classical music and sound art, they create their own brand of impressionist music that intersects this Japanese sense with modern electro-acoustic approaches. Since 2007, ironomi has released 7 albums, “ironomi”, “RECODE”, “北の果ての物語’, ”ubusuna” and “ZONE”. These albums have appeared under Japanese labels Ryoondo Tea and STARNET MUZIK.

ironomi released their first album outside of Japan under KITCHEN. LABEL with “sketch” (2010) and “niji” (2015).

The duo has commissioned music for projects such as DESIGN BUSSAN NIPPON (Japanese craft x modern design exhibition), WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and a collaboration between SWITCH magazine and renowned photographer Kisei Kobayashi. They make regular appearances at festivals across Japan and are a mainstay at Nagano’s Onsen Sound & Art Village, Mashiko’s Earth Art Festival and Kyoto’s Electronic Evening among others.



UNIQLO x KITCHEN. LABEL – Autumn Playlist

UNIQLO announces their “Fall for Autumn” campaign, with an exclusively curated in-store playlist from our KITCHEN. LABEL catalogue.

Exclusive Coverage on KITCHEN. LABEL night at BANK GALLERY

Last weekend at BANK GALLERY in Tokyo, we held a 3-day showcase “The Drift of Music Between Islands” in conjuction with Singapore: Inside Out Tokyo together with our label artists from Japan and Singapore (haruka nakamura LABO, ASPIDISTRAFLY, Hanging Up…

KITCHEN. LABEL Night in Tokyo 2017 at BANK GALLERY

We are excited to announce that KITCHEN. LABEL will take part in Singapore: Inside Out Tokyo at Bank Gallery from 25th to 27th August with label artists from Singapore and Japan including ASPIDISTRAFLY, Hanging Up The Moon, haruka nakamura LABO, ironomi and Janis Crunch.

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