Hior Chronik


Based in Berlin, Hior Chronik (George Papadopolous) was born in Athens in 1974. His relationship with music started when he was working as a radio producer for Jazz fm in the early 90s’ and as a columnist for various music magazines. He began creating music about 10 years ago and today his focus is on minimal ambient based mainly on piano, characterised by cinematography, melancholy, scattered notes and long melodies that form expressive engagements.

He released an album as Pill-Oh entitled “Vanishing Mirror” on KITCHEN. LABEL in 2012 and a solo album “Taking The Veil” in 2015. The latter played host to some of the finest instrumental partnerships in the genre including, Field Rotation and Sophie Hutchings, showing us the sublime instrumental craftmanship he has perfected, and blurring the boundaries between ambient and classical music.


A fine photographer, Hior Chronik paints vivid, grainy and introspective visions alongside his partners of choice. His most recent work features another partnership with legendary electronic producer Arovane, having released 3 collaboration albums with LA-based label  A Strangely Isolated Place.

Hior Chronik is currently promoting in Europe under neo-classical major label 7K! with a new solo album “Out of the Dust”. His next solo work under KITCHEN. LABEL is currently work in progress and is expected to be released in 2018.