From Singapore, ASPIDISTRAFLY consists of composer and vocalist April Lee (b.1984) and producer Ricks Ang (b.1980). The duo play a flickeringly filmic mixture of ambient folk with gossamer-like vocal harmonies and guitar-based drone wrapped in a delicate lo-fi haziness. April’s beguiling visions and lyrics form the backbone of ASPIDISTRAFLY’s storytelling. — Read more
Evade was born in the summer of 2004. Formed by Sonia Ka Ian Lao (vocals), Brandon L (guitar) and Faye Choi (sound), the trio released their first EP “Evade” in September 2009 and attracted critical notice for their inventive and original style of electronic music, described by some as a wayward blend of minimalist electronic and dubstep combined with an ethereal pop sensibility. In August 2010, Evade was invited by Japanese independent music label PROGRESSIVE FOrM to perform at their curated event “New Sounds of Tokyo Vol.6″. — Read more
Based in Tokyo, FJORDNE is the solo project of Fujimoto Shunichiro (b.1980). Focused on two concepts, “sound texture” and “twisted time”, he utilises an array of acoustic instruments and transforms his sounds into a new time span using the laptop computer. — Read more
Based in Singapore, Hanging Up The Moon is the solo project of Sean Lam. As hinted at by the name, the songs were recorded in the dead of the night after the day’s work was done, his daughter put to bed, and when all was finally quiet. — Read more
Haruka Nakamura (b.1982) is a composer in Tokyo, Japan. As a child, Haruka learned to play piano and guitar on his own. His sound is made of sunset and season’s perfume. Haruka first emerged in the Japanese electronic scene with the release of “Afterglow” (Schole, 2007), a split album with Akira Kosemura. It was then followed by two solo albums “grace” (Schole, 2008) and “twilight” (Kitchen. Label 2010). All 3 albums are ranked as one of the most successful albums in recent times by a new independent artist in Japan. — Read more
Hior Chronik was born in Athens in 1974. His relationship with music started when he was working as a radio producer for Jazz fm in the early 90s’ and as a columnist for various music magazines. He began creating music about 7 years ago and today his focus is on minimal ambient based mainly on piano, characterized by cinematography, melancholy, scattered notes and long melodies that form expressive engagements. His music is featured in various films, documentaries as well as art performance. — Read more
Ironomi is an ambient classical duo consisting of pianist Junya Yanagidaira (b.1984) and Yu Isobe (b.1984) on guitar & laptop. iro-no-mi literally means “fruit of color”, a meaning unique in Japanese to describe the quintessential Japanese aesthetic centered on the four seasons. With a background of study in classical music and sound art, they create their own brand of impressionist music that intersects this Japanese sense with modern electro-acoustic approaches. — Read more
Born in Kumamoto, Japan, Janis Crunch is a singer, composer and pianist. As a child, Janis won several local singing competitions performing classical Italian songs. Janis Crunch is classically trained on the piano and graduated in a Tokyo music university. She first gained attention as an artist with her frequent collaborations with haruka nakamura where she composed and provided vocals on tracks in the albums “grace”, “twilight” and “CASA” (kadan). Janis Crunch has also collaborated with Akira Kosemura, aspidistrafly among others. — Read more
It was 2009 in Athens, Greece. Electronic artist Hior Chronik and accomplished classical pianist Zinovia Arvanitidi immersed themselves in a delicate world of hazy childhood memories and nostalgia, and music project Pill-oh was born. Piano, vocals and abstract electronic elements brought forth an offspring of compositions where modern classical and electronics collide. — Read more
Charmed by the evanescence of things and the tacet moments in life, SONICBRAT celebrates the ephemeral quiesce of an urban reality. The brainchild of Darren Ng (b. 1979), his musical penchants reside in the simple, quiet and minimal… — Read More
Szymon Kaliski is an Polish multimedia artist combining lo-fi techniques with new digital technologies. Kaliski is constantly searching for individual methods of expression, using self-made software and unique hardware. His tracks are intentionally filled with imperfections, full of cracks suspended in slowed down soundscapes. Compositions are always born from acoustic sounds, looped, decayed and reconstructed. — Read more